INFLUENCE: the definition of leadership

  • The Levels of Leadership
  • Climbing the Steps of Leadership
  • Conclusion
  • Action Steps to Unleash Leadership Potential

PRIORITIES: the key to leadership

  • The Pareto Principle & The 20/80 Principle
  • Priority Principles

INTEGRITY: the most important ingredient of leadership

  • The Credibility Acid Test
  • You will only become what you are becoming right now

CREATING POSITIVE CHANGE: the ultimate test of leadership

  • Profile of a Leader in Trouble
  • The Leader as Change Agent
  • A Historical Account of Resistance to Change
  • Why People Resist Change
  • A Checklist for Change
  • The Evolutionary Process of Change
  • Creating a Climate for Change
  • Change Will Happen

PROBLEM-SOLVING: the quickest way to gain leadership

  • The Problem-Solving Process

ATTITUDE: the extra plus in leadership

  • How to Change Your Attitude

PEOPLE: developing your most appreciable asset

  • Principles for People Development
  • Successful People Developers . . . Make the Right Assumptions about People
  • Successful People Developers . . . Ask the Right Questions about People
  • Successful People Developers . . . Give the Right Assistance to People

VISION: the indispensable quality of leadership

  • Vision Statements
  • Corporate Ownership of a Vision

SELF-DISCIPLINE: the price tag of leadership

  • The Process for Developing Personal Discipline

STAFF DEVELOPMENT: the most important lesson of leadership

  • A Picture of a Winning Team