Do and Don't in College Interview

Do and Don’t in College Interview

[You need to show “genuine self” not “decorated self.”]
[You must not prove you’re perfect for the school, but appeal you will grow in the school.]
[Show who you are, not what you’ve done.]

Do: Be on time
Don’t: Arrive too early
Do: Dress appropriately
Don’t: Wear too much perfume or makeup
Do: Research the school prior to the interview
Don’t: Ask questions that could easily be found on the school’s website
Do: Practice Interviews
Don’t: Tell the school it’s your “safety” school
Do: Take your time when answering a question
Don’t: Be afraid to ask for a question to be repeated
Do: Pay attention to body language
Don’t: Treat the interview room the same as your home
Do: Talk about your extracurricular activities
Don’t: Only talk about your academics
Do: Be patient and remain attentive
Don’t: Check the time or appear in a hurry
Do: Use your school counselors as resources
Don’t: Forget important documents
Do: Use intelligent language
Don’t: Swear or use slang words
Do: Be humble
Don’t: Over share your strengths and weaknesses
Do: Be Yourself
Don’t: Be misleading
Do: Be engaging
Don’t: Cut the interviewer off
Do: Be conversational
Don’t: Recite a speech
Do: Network
Don’t: Miss the opportunity to make a contact
Do: Send a thank you card after your interview
Don’t: Let too much time pass without sending it