Korean Language Training

Learning a new language and/or a foreign language is more than just a boost to your CV or handy for travelling. It will make you smarter in many different ways, more decisive and even better at English, which is your mother tongue!

Physiological studies have found that speaking two or more languages is a great asset to the cognitive process. The brains of bilingual people operate differently than single language speakers, and these differences offer several mental and practical benefits.

Korea and its language, Korean (Hangul or Hankook-uh), are very unique in history and have grown to influence in economy and culture in the world recently in the 20th and the 21st centuries. Learning its language along with their culture will surely benefit the learners not only in understanding the people but also in yielding productive results in doing business and enjoying sound relationship at any level.

SADOH Consulting has offered the best Korean language programs to business, non-profit organizations, and individuals for over 10 years here in the United States as well as in Korea for many foreign professionals.

If you have staff, counterparts, partners, and colleagues who speak Korean, you are the one who needs to learn and understand Korean and its culture to get better in whatever things you are doing today!

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