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SADOH Consulting, Inc.의 교육 부문 SDS Services는 안전한 환경에서 최고의 조기유학 결과를 약속드리기 위해 USA International Education Center, USAIEC와 전략적 협력 시스템을 통하여 최상의 교육 프로그램을 제공합니다.

Best Education in Safe and Right Environment!

USA International Education Center (USAIEC) is a strategic partner to SDS Services to provide the better services of study abroad programs for Chinese and Korean students to the United States.

The Place Where Students’ Dreams Come True

USAIEC, based on its tradition of professionalism, is located in Atlanta, Georgia, which held the 1996 Olympic Games. USAIEC helps students from a Christian perspective and supports students like a caring mother. Selflessly serving future world-leaders, USAIEC guides students to become global talents who are equipped with proper knowledge as well as wisdom and tenacity.

The Role of the Korean Ambassador & Korean Education for Local Teachers

Every summer, the USAIEC selects 15 public school teachers from Cobb County of metro Atlanta and provides them a two-week long Korean education at university language institutes, including Yonsei Language Institute, and a one-week long cultural experience opportunity by way of a Korean folk village tour, the Kyung-Ju tour, and the Ulsan industrial park tour. This program is supported by the federal government and plays a role in introducing the Korean culture to teachers in Atlanta.

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