SDS Services는 중국과의 모든 교육 프로그램에 있어 최상의 서비스를 제공하기 위하여 Core Education Group과 전략적 협업을 통해 업무를 진행합니다. 조기유학 및 다양한 언어교육 프로그램을 검증된 미국, 중국, 한국 세 나라 출신의 전문가들이 심혈을 기울여 제공해 드립니다.

Core Education Group, a professional educational organization founded in the United States, provides services in international education and cultural exchange as its core values. CEG helps and encourages students in various age groups to respect the diversity in different cultures and to learn globally competent language and social skills through the comprehensive Chinese, Korean and American educations and their mutual exchange in culture and education. Students, with CEG’s supports and assistance, will eventually become well-experienced and well-educated to act as bridges among different people and cultures, which is what this world as one really needs.